Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Qualifying: Statement of the top three

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Qualifying: Statement of the top three

World Champion Max Verstappen was the fastest in qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, while teammate Sergio Perez finished second. Third place went to Charles Leclerc, who tomorrow will fight for silver with the usual Mexican rival Red Bull. Let’s see how the three rated themselves after nodding!

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – 1st starting position

“This time trial was very choppy. We started well, but Q2 was a bit of a mess and I don’t really know why. However, for Q3 we went back to a normal wheel pattern and accelerated. I’m satisfied and happy that both cars are on the front row. The goal is for Sergio to finish second in the championship and that’s a good foundation for tomorrow. The goal is to be able to control the race tomorrow. That looks great, but regardless, I expect a good fight. But the two cars are at the front of the field, so it’s all in our hands “.

Sergio Perez (Red Bull) – 2nd place

“This starting position is perfect, but unfortunately in Q3 I couldn’t take the last step to the starting position. The first run didn’t go well, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. But second place is also good, like having the front row in the race Max did a great job, he also helped me in the last round, it was a great teamwork! I’m really looking forward to the race and that’s really important. I hope we have a good race. The tactics will be interesting because both Ferrari and Mercedes can be strong It will certainly be an interesting competition.”

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Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) – 3rd place

“My wheels locked up at Turns 6 and 7, but we couldn’t get a better position anyway, because the Red Bull team was so strong. We’re in a good position for tomorrow’s race. I’m going to fight Sergio. We’ll definitely be able to work with Carlos (Sainz) and try to maximize Team result. It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be fun, but we’ll do our best and hopefully we can get second place in both the singles and team championships. I’m not thinking about the break yet, for now the focus is on the last race. It’s important that you get second place, Then you can rest.”

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