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About the music and sounds of Sevo

About the music and sounds of Sevo


In the latest preview, we can get a behind-the-scenes look at the developers, this time in the audio engineering studio.

30/1/2022 10:50 | Gerge | Category: game

It’s just been a good week and you’ll see Sevo, a Slullab A promising painter fighting game. The studio places great emphasis on the gameplay, combat system and dynamic control. But in addition to this, a selection of background music and a variety of sound effects are at least important for the right atmosphere.

The last topic of the game, which is the sound engineer, is also related to the last topic Lucas Rousselot and the composer Howie Lee He presents us behind the scenes in his interpretation. Howie Lee first worked on a video game. Being proficient in both the world of modern electronic music and traditional Chinese instruments, this has resulted in a unique musical background that fits perfectly with Sifu’s atmosphere. In the preview, you also get an insight into creating and placing sound effects in the environment.

Sifu will be available for PC on February 8 (currently only in the Epic Game Store) as well as PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. ■

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