Mintegy 60 ország kéri a Covid-19 elleni vakcinák és orvosi eszközök szabadalmi jogainak lazítását

About 60 countries are calling for a relaxation of patent rights for Covid-19 vaccines and medical devices

The initiative was announced by the non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Knowledge International (KEI), citing MTI news. InfoStart.

The KEI published a document, which it classified as a revised text, that calls for a broader and more permanent application of intellectual property rights. At the request of Agence France-Presse, the World Trade Organization was not able to immediately confirm the authenticity of the document, but Western diplomats confirmed to the news agency that the text was original and had been sent to all WTO members.

According to the document, recombination should include vaccines, treatments, diagnostic and monitoring devices, and materials and components needed to make them. According to the initiators, the exemptions must remain in effect for at least three years.

“We welcome governments that support the proposal to restrict intellectual property, which aims to remove monopoly restrictions on all medical devices needed to combat the epidemic,” said Lina Mangani, MSF South Asia head.

“Given the alarming increase in the number of infections and deaths in developing countries and the potential promising treatments under development, it is crucial that governments have the flexibility to deal with the pandemic,” said Lena Mangani.

Since October India The Republic of South Africa has repeatedly called on the World Trade Organization to temporarily dismantle intellectual property rights, which supporters of the idea say would encourage production in developing countries and help alleviate stark disparities in access to vaccines.

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