About 40,000 courses have been created for what is considered the most boring sport in the world

About 40,000 courses have been created for what is considered the most boring sport in the world

Some ordinary people often consider golf to be a particularly boring sport, while experts – and, of course, avid golfers – say the opposite and that it is, in fact, very exciting. In any case, golf is certainly not only very expensive, but also relatively space-consuming. Almost half of the world’s golf courses are located in the United States, which makes the USA the leader in international rankings. The last summary also shows which European country has the most routes.

Nearly half of the world’s 40,000 golf courses, exactly 43 percent, can be found in the USA. In fact, 16,752 tracks have been developed in the USA, which is far more than any other country.

Japan ranks second with 3,169 golf courses, while Canada ranks third with 2,633 golf courses, according to golf per month of the total.

Such as additional It can also be seen in the figure. England came in fourth with 2,270 courts, putting the island nation at the top of European nations. Among European countries, Germany (1,050 routes) and France (804 routes) also rank highly.

List of countries with the most golf coursesSource: Statista

However, regarding golf courses A very serious problem appeared years ago, which is the problem of water consumption. With droughts a growing problem around the world, many people have raised their voices against golf courses, which are incredibly water-guzzling and primarily a pastime for the wealthy.

In the United States, for exampleOne cycle in Palm Springs requires as much water per day as the average American household uses in four years.

On the other hand, the golf world argues that courses try to adapt to a changing situation. For example, the organization that standardizes American golf courses noted that in 2020 water consumption decreased by 29 percent compared to the 2005 level, as it constantly works to develop sustainable water management.

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