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Abandoned: Nwari joined the party too أيض [VIDEO]

In addition to Blue Box Game Studios, there is another team that is definitely working on an uncertain “abandoned” (we don’t accidentally use quotes!).

In addition to the team led by Hassan Kahraman, who showed himself recently, Nawari also believes that it is only capitalized, but we will not use the style they use in their name only for this reason. But what is my nore? It’s an external studio (so you can hire them to outsource!) that can help you with more games.

They’ve worked with several AAA studios before, and here we can easily take Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Sucker Punch (rumored to be a standalone addition to Ghost of Tsushima…) and Naughty Dog (which is working on a multiplayer game track, odds are they’re Faction Mode Part II). From The Last of Us it will also stand alone here, i.e. stand alone…?), and… Kojima Productions. (nations…)

In the video just included, Kahraman asked him to record a short introductory short film in which he explains the role the team also plays in the development of Nuare, Leo Enen, founder of Nuare. According to Einen, each person actually exists and can be called and works towards achieving the “best possible experience”.

Nuare is based in Ontario, Canada, and more than 70 professionals work here. The studio is primarily skilled at creating art collections, and On their website We can see what they’ve been working on so far, so we can read their history.

It will be abandoned (or whatever the name of the Blue Box Game Studios is …), in principle, you will receive the PlayStation 5 application today, through which we will be able to see the trailer for the game in real time. And that’s something we can’t really explain: Sony could have done that for other big exclusive titles (Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart…?) because it’s still an in-house development. But will an outdoor, outdoor, truly independent game be the flagship?

Source: PSL

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