‘Abandoned’: Has Hassan Kahraman’s idea been a hoax all along?

And GameSpot went over to Hasan Kahraman in some detail, and what happened behind the scenes.

Since we’ve been constantly monitoring events, we’ll only get into new details. According to GameSpot sources, there is no game Blue Box Game Studios is currently working on: although Kahraman tells the audience that development is underway, Behind the Curtain claims that development has been put on hold because it will fund its costs through a playable introduction. After tweeting “starting with an S, ending with an L,” he seemed to give it all back to fans, which is why the Realtime Experience “app” just posted a few seconds of Silent Hill’s video (which was also there on Twitter). Finally) and then, when fans start to doubt Metal Gear Solid, he recasts the horror story to tell the story of a secret government project about artificial intelligence that has broken through a fourth wall…

Kahraman says fifty people work for Blue Box, along with outsourcing studios, but the Dutch Chamber of Commerce says the company was founded in 2015 with ten employees. This data has not been updated since then, but Kahraman has updated two things since then: on the one hand, the title, and on the other, the alternate name, Pixel Molecule, but it has not been used. According to the Chamber, for example, the company is responsible for announcing changes in the number of employees.

GameSpot got most of the information from a private chat room that was treated as completely exclusive. Since the fall, Kahraman has shared images, animations, and a page of game script (it was leaked, we wrote it), and it was originally about. There were dozens of people here. Kahraman himself, after a little research, chose who to admit, and also signed a non-disclosure agreement (a non-disclosure agreement) filled with some legal concepts. When people drew attention to empty promises and discrepancies between public and private statements, or expelled opponents, he created a new, sometimes smaller group, with new or even self-confident fans. That’s approx. It happened five or six times, so Amber ordered them from different platforms. Some persevered because they believed in the project, while others enjoyed exclusive access. Two-tone amber was called savage by people who knew the group(s) and began to argue with anyone who questioned his honesty or simply wanted to hear new news. Sweep all of this under the rug due to new fan theories.

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Sometimes he would stop people from leaking. Sometimes he sent audio recordings, which would have been a strategy for keeping screenshots of dialogues, and that’s when he said the most glaring things. He denied to the public that the leaks were actually part of his project while trying to get to know the leaks. He uploaded an audio file to his website, which he named his latest exclusive asset, and we can actually listen to it. Youtube-You are. Poorly translated into Japanese, he likely wanted to rely on Kojima again with this idea; The recording is related to the scenario Zero Cell, which can be called the exciting take-off era of Metal Gear Solid. After the leak, Kahraman was guided by the fact that his website had been hacked and did not know that the audio file was on his site. The redditn He wanted to know who it was, and the lack of honesty made the band much worse.

Kahraman described several business partners as fraud, including the respected and accepted studio Nuare, who was going to hire him for artwork for the first time. He’s also looked to the GamesRadar Future Games Show team and Geoff Keighley, behind the Summer Games Festival/Game Awards (figuratively, of course) to show off his game, but it’s been planned a few times in the past year and nothing came together once and for all. He often wiped everything. However, he also wanted to create a working and partner relationship with a member of the group and would have paid for the artwork for PlayStation Awards if the game was released. He said in March that when he arrived in May, he was going to meet him, at which time he thought Hassan would have finished the lead by then. This split the group and ceased contact with each other.

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Then Kahraman approached another person and made an offer: in the United States, he was going to store copies of the game disc and thus pay $1,500. This would have covered the costs and the rest would be for the benefit of the person who would subsequently have a Blue Box email address and therefore be able to contact Sony. He sent him a survey from Sony Interactive Entertainment, which would have the title Amber on it, but after a few days he cracked the whole idea. The youngest member of the group was 12 years old, others said he was a boisterous, jerky person, and once asked someone to kill himself, Kahraman did not respond at all. The others particularly supported the person in question, expressing their disappointment that Kahraman did nothing in the end.

The combination quickly became toxic, regardless of its frequency. Members sometimes felt they had to praise Kahraman between the two Rainbow Six: Siege matches (a game he often played late at night, often inviting others…) or he was going to reveal their nominees. His NDA asks for a lot of personal information anyway (address, name, stuff), but it seems muddled in terms of legal wording, and there are also grammatical errors, let’s face it, typical of Kahraman. The leaked Silent Hill 5 photo, which he describes as a joke, used the same origin of the dark-coated boots he shared publicly (also). Once again, he described the leaks as just a disguise, but they asked Kahraman to explain everything. This is where Lance MacDonald, who dropped and then deleted his position, and later MacDonald came in It is to explainHe simply doesn’t trust Kahraman (who said the leaked assets weren’t left out).

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It often happened that Kahraman shared something the group hadn’t recanted (and may have been leaked) by the time he said he was testing their loyalty, but in the meantime he was growing increasingly suspicious of everyone else. He used to say a lot that he worked with a jerk, but over time he couldn’t prove it, and he’s often behind deadlines. It was reportedly abandoned three times last summer, including Gamescom and Keighley highlightedKahraman did not send him anything. He assured the PlayStation Network group that the abandoned was not made, but to this day it claims its introduction. The promised game tests also didn’t happen, and word got out that the game should be called Wallbandoned because Kahraman only showed the game walls to the group members.

Kahraman told GameSpot a year ago that he was planning a multiplayer beta of the game, but it might have been just a random idea, nothing more. Like the other games in the blue box, it appears that “abandoned” (because it is codenamed in principle to) ends up in the trash after being announced, and will likely be deleted from the internet…

source: Game Spot

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