Ingyenes játékkal jön majd az Abandoned gameplay videója bevezetőkép

Abandoned gameplay video will come with free games

When the team is finally ready to showcase the game, they celebrate it by announcing a side project.

For months, it remained to be seen whether or not Abandoned was actually a Kojima game, whether or not Blue Box existed, and whether they wanted to creatively bring the sequel to Silent Hill, or just an independent studio that wanted to massively shine through an app. PS5 with unveiling.

American IGN Anyway, he interviewed development director Hasan Kahraman, who said they wanted to display a 30-second video in the app instead of the disappointing teaser previously shared on Twitter, but found serious flaws at the last minute.

This will be released soon if they can put everything in place, but they are not promised a new date by learning from previous ones. They will be notified on Twitter if they want to report anything, in the meantime you can safely delete the app if you need the space.

He added that he knows players are insecure, skeptical and nervous, so they will definitely show the gameplay before the release, but we will definitely have to wait 1-2 months until then. In turn, they also release a game called The Haunting, which was previously carved by them and then completed by their development friends, as well as PlayStation for PC and Xbox platforms, absolutely free.

Abandoned, whatever it really is, it could appear in 2022.

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