Ab climbed the highest mountain in the UK without legs

Ab climbed the highest mountain in the UK without legs

57-year-old Paul Ellis climbed England’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, with his team. The height of the peak in Scotland is 1,345 meters, but this is not what makes it worth publishing, but the fact that Ellis had both legs amputated, so he made the trip on all fours.

Paul Ellis climbed 1345m Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK, without legs at the age of 57

Photo: northfoto.com

According to their report, it took half a day, just 12 hours, to conquer the summit, passing through the rocky and snowy landscape. Since then, a father of two children has donated his knee pads, and is using the money raised to raise money for young amputees. A year ago, he also climbed the mountain with prosthetic legs.

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