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Aaron Szilagyi, bronze medalist in men’s saber at the European Games

Aaron Szilagyi, bronze medalist in men’s saber at the European Games

Aaron Szilagyi won a bronze medal in the men’s saber on Sunday on the first day of fencing action at the Krakow-based European Games.

Aaron Szilagyi, bronze medalist in men’s saber at the European Games

The Hungarian fencer, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and world and European champion, completed the group stage with six victories, then reached the semi-finals through Spanish, Romanian and German competitors, defeating Julian Teodosiu 1-7 in the round of 16.

In the final he met Sandro Pazadze, i.e. the Georgian world ranking leader and the Hungarian runner-up “get nervous about each other”. Pazadze defended his European title a week ago, and Szilagyi is the current Olympic and world champion, so the current best players met in the first semi-final. At the same stage of last year’s World Cup in Cairo, Silagy won 15-11 and also defeated the Georgian fencer 15-14 in the World Cup final in Budapest in March. This time Pazadze proved better with two strikes.

At first, the goals fell alternately, then after 3-3, Pazádze gave two one-shots, “earning” himself a point twice with a video, but in the meantime Szilágyi was also effective and surprised his opponent with two show-stoppers. , so the one-minute game followed with Hungary leading 8-7.

Continuing, the match was close, and the two duelists seemed to know each other well. Szilágyi still led 13-10, but Pazádze, often flustered, did not give up, equalizing and then serving the final two points.

A few minutes after the ace, Aron Szilagyi stated in the mixed zone that he should have changed his previous actions towards the end, “at least at 13-13”. At the same time, he was satisfied with the fact that he played good matches, emerged victorious from a difficult situation and could return to his homeland with a medal.

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When he was asked about the importance of individual competition before the group competition that is part of the Olympic qualifiers, he answered that what is important is relative.

“I started this race paying full attention and trying to achieve the best possible result.” Highlight.

In fencing, the European Championships in individual numbers were held last week in Plovdiv, and the individual numbers of the Krakow fencing team were not even included in the Olympic qualifying total. On the other hand, the team competitions that start on Wednesday will be European competitions.

Between 64
Tamas Deasy-Jonathan Webb (British) – Withdrew due to injury
Between 32
Aaron Szilagyi-Iñaki Bravo (Spanish) 15-2
Andras Szatmary-Olexy Stachenko (Ukraine) 15-10
Enver Yildirim (Türkiye) – December 11-15
Razvan Ursace (Romanian)-Sanaad Gemisi 15-13
Between 16
Silaje-Julian Teodosiu (Roman) 15-11
Sandro Bazadze (Georgia) – Szatmari 15-9
Quarter final
Silage-Lorenz Kempf (German) 15-8
Pazadze-Szilagyi 15-13
Krzysztof Kaczkowski (Poland) – William Deary (British) 15-14
Pazadze-Kachkovsky 15-13

The final result: 1. Sandro Pazadze, 2. Krzysztof Kaczkowski, 3. Aaron Szilagyi and William Deary, …16. András Szatmáry, …19. Chanad Jimesi, …23. Tamas Desi

Cover Photo:
Krakow, June 25, 2023. Winner Sandro Bazadze (B2) from Georgia, second-place finisher Krzysztof Kaczkowski (B) from Poland, third-place finisher Aaron Szilagyi (D) and Britain’s William Dearie (D2) during the announcement of the results of the men’s fencing competition at the Games European Cup at Torun Arena in Krakow on June 25, 2023. MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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