A young farmer boarded the train with a cow

A real fight is taking place in Switzerland over whether to punish a young farmer who decides to transport a cow on a suburban railway.

In February, a young Swiss farmer bought a cow cow at St. Gallen’s Fair and decided to take it home by train. He, his friend, and the newly purchased cow boarded the scheduled flight among the passengers. Naturally, the passengers grabbed their phones, and footage of the cow in the car began circulating online, breaking viewing records. The Swiss media quickly picked up this topic, and the authorities also became interested in what happened.

According to eyewitnesses, the young farmers dealt with the animal very kindly and skillfully, and it was not exposed in any way during the journey.

They also brought a bucket and a brush in case the car was dirty. Although there were voices of anger, most of the comments were compliments towards the cow breeder.

The train crew did not intervene because the passengers did not object to the animal’s presence and believed that a sudden intervention would have done more harm than good to the wheel. A spokesperson for the railway company approached the matter with humour. He hoped that the ungulates would enjoy his journey by train and assured everyone that the unusual passenger had arrived safely at his destination. He stated that the railway did not intend to sue the farms, despite the ban on the carriage of such large animals on passenger trains.

The unusual journey was also reported to the police, but they did not intervene at all, as the railway passengers saw no reason for this. The police also found that the vehicle arrived safely at the farm near the city.

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However, the Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation to find out if the farmer violated the Animal Protection Act. The Animal Health Inspectorate is also curious about this, so the farmer has already been called in for an interview several times.

who declared that he saw nothing untoward in transporting the one-year-old cow across a few stops by train, where other pets could get on the carriage and nothing would happen to her.

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