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A yacht mechanic simulator is now available, but is it good for us?

A yacht mechanic simulator is now available, but is it good for us?


The game promises the usual fun for the collector, but according to first reports, it is far from great.

01.08.2022 14:11 | Greg | Category: game

The Car Mechanic Simulator franchise continues to be a highlight of the tsunami simulation, whose gameplay has inspired many other games. We can already assemble a tank, a Mars rover, a motorcycle, an airplane, and even a robot. And now yachts too.

The yacht mechanic simulator It was made by Punch Punk Games studio and arrived a few days ago on Steam. In the game, we have to do exactly what we can guess from the title: we have to assemble luxury ships. Anything from motorboats to larger luxury yachts can come into our hands, and it will be our job to refurbish and repair. This includes cleaning the interior, as well as putting in necessary rescue or rest equipment.

Based on the first images and videos, you might think that Yacht Mechanic Simulator turned out to be a good game, but the first comments from players on Steam suggest otherwise. The game currently has an likeability index of 25%, which isn’t too bright. Most of the criticisms point to several bugs, terrible controls and a barely usable tutorial mode.

On the other hand, others defended the game, saying that no one should expect great miracles from making €12. According to them, the control can be used, and the content is not terrible at all. ■

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