A woman off the coast of New Zealand may have died in a shark attack

Local police said a woman died in a shark attack on North Island in New Zealand on Thursday.

The victim, who was pulled out of the water in Waihi Beach southeast of Auckland, a two-hour drive away, was seriously injured in at least one leg.

Ambulances were also called to the scene, but the woman soon died on the beach.

Police could not confirm whether the woman’s death was caused by a shark attack. So the case was referred to the coroner.

There hasn’t been a fatal attack in years

a New Zealand HeraldExpert Riley Elliott said: In the absence of information, it is difficult to determine what type of shark it belongs to, and which may have attacked the woman, but Last year, young white sharks were spotted in the area during this period.

The article states that in July last year, a two-meter-long shark was washed ashore with water on Waihi Beach, and a year ago a huge white shark, estimated to be three and a half meters long, was seen around the shore.

More than sixty species of shark live in the country’s waters, but shark attacks are rare in New Zealand, where water sports are especially popular during the summer season.

According to the New Zealand Police website The last shark attack in the country was in 2018, At Payless Beach, northwest of Auckland, the victim survived the accident. The last time a fatal shark attack occurred was in 2013 in New Zealand.

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