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A well-priced version of the cable-free Razer Viper has arrived

A well-priced version of the cable-free Razer Viper has arrived

As we are used to, the new HyperSpeed ​​series, without RGB lights, uses a pencil battery instead of a battery.

Razer has updated its range of wireless mice for cost-effectiveness, introducing Viper V3 Hyperspeed. The updated, symmetrical design, which also favors right-handers, is 127.1mm long, 63.9mm wide (very narrower than previous models), 39.9mm high, and weighs 59g without AA (or AAA with adapter). / Aluminum foil) Pencil battery mark on the scale.


Inside the six-button peripheral is the current flagship Focus Pro 30K sensor, namely the PixArt PAW 3950 module, the resolution of which can be increased to 30,000 dpi. The manufacturer’s second generation “60 million clicks” optical mechanical switches are placed under the main clicks of the device equipped with a 750 ips/70 gs sensor, while the on-board memory is single-profile.


The solution that communicates with the 2.4 GHz HyperSpeed ​​radio can last up to 280 hours at a 1000 Hz polling rate for an AA format battery, but if the USB port refresh rate is increased to 4000 Hz after purchasing HyperPoling separately, the time is reduced to about 75 hours . Naturally, first-class PTFE pads are placed on the belly, their edges are rounded, and the replaceable power supply compartment is also located here.


The pointer chaser, backed by a two-year warranty, costs €80, but for €97 you can buy a 4K receiver with Discounted package Within its framework.

Scanner Viber Mini Viper Mini SE Fiber 8 kHz Viber ultimate Viber V2 Pro Viper V3 Hyperspeed
Length 118.3 mm 119 mm 126.7 mm 127 mm 126.5 mm 127.1 mm
an offer 61.4 mm 62 mm 66.5 mm 66 mm 66.2 mm 63.9 mm
to rise 38.3 mm 39 mm 37.8 mm 38 mm 37.8 mm 39.9 mm
mobilize 61 grams 49 grams 71 grams 74 grams 58 grams Empty 59 grams
82g with AA battery included
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