Egy videós elkészítette a hűtő méretű Xbox Series X működő verzióját kép

A videographer made a hands-on version of the cooler-sized Xbox Series X.

The gigaconsole, which was turbocharged with a unique decoration, was used for charity.

The other day, we reported that a YouTuber made a The world’s first playstation 5 slimbut we can now report a record with the opposite sign: This is the biggest Xbox Series X in the world, and it’s also Giant Nintendo Switch Also thanks to creator Michael Beck.

Microsoft came up with the idea for the project by donating Series X coolers to famous personalities, including Snoop Dogg and Known as iJustine by Justin Ezarik.

The Pick, on the other hand, is not a refrigerator, but a truly functional console that is 207.8 inches high and 103 inches wide. Inside the largely woodwork is, of course, a traditional X-series, but the giant box works just as well as it did in its original version. So we find the ports on it, and to turn it on we have to use the huge button, which is not easily accessible, and when it is pressed, the Arduino microcontroller motor controlling it activates the hardware inside.

According to the maker, the hardest part was reproducing the X-series concave design grid, which he eventually glued together from several 3D-printed pieces, sacrificing only two whole weeks to that point. Then the cool-sized console was taken care of by popular YouTube artist ZHC, decorating its sides with unique creations. The exceptional console was eventually presented to the Youth Center in Atlanta, where a huge donation was welcomed.

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