A video man managed to shoot Horizon Zero Dawn at a resolution of 128 x 72

A video man managed to shoot Horizon Zero Dawn at a resolution of 128 x 72

a the edge He recalled that last summer a video was produced for the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn in which we can enjoy Aloy’s post-apocalyptic adventures in very low resolution. If we could really see what the pixel arrays represent.

The culprit was Kryzzp who ran a YouTube channel called zWORMz Gaming. The videographer tested the Nvidia GT 710 video card with the game, which is not a hybrid device, launched at $ 42 in 2016 (it can be obtained at home for 10-15k Ft). Kryzzp first launched Zero Dawn at 1080p, which was only able to compress at 6fps with this GPU, but of course it improved the situation by lowering the resolution. The 640 x 360 resolution seemed to be the most playable, and 12 fps was already achieved there, but at 256 x 144 the UI texts could no longer be seen. At 72p, the experience is completely surreal, and at this level it’s really hard to spot the milestones. But at least it feels like the kind of game thrown at the Game Boy.

Under normal circumstances, the really beautiful Horizon Zero Dawn appeared on PlayStation 4 in 2017 as a Sony exclusive, but last year, surprisingly, it was also released for PC. Its sequel, Forbidden West, will arrive on PS4 and PS5 sometime this year.

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