A useful innovation comes to the Netflix app

A useful innovation comes to the Netflix app

Netflix has been available in Hungarian since last year, and the number of subscribers in Hungary is also increasing, and it can be good news for mobile filmmakers that XDA developers are working on code mining. They came across such details In the android version of the service, which indicates that it will soon be possible to start the movies/series you just downloaded before the download is complete.

The app has been available for years to download certain content to your phone/tablet/computer so you won’t have a problem watching it even if you don’t have an internet connection. However, this feature is currently working so that it can only start up after the download is complete. However, according to experts browsing the source code, the lines of code that have just been discovered suggest that the innovation could arrive in a matter of weeks, which will allow movies/series to be released soon after the download starts and the “sequel” seeps in the background.

This solution may be familiar to many, as this feature has been around for years on current consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Games that are often 50-100 GB, even with a normal Internet connection, take a long time to download, but for many games programs can start up to 20%, so you do not have to wait and the rest arrives on the computer while playing.

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