A US warship fired warning shots at the Iranians

The US Navy said, Wednesday, that a US warship fired warning shots at three Iranian Revolutionary Guard ships sailing near it and another US patrol ship in the Persian Gulf.

The Navy released a video of the incident in the northern part of the Gulf in international waters on Monday evening. In the somewhat unconscious black and white shot, the lights (most likely Iran’s fast-paced lights) could be seen from afar, followed by a shot.

According to the Navy, the USS Firebolt patrol ship fired warning shots after three Revolutionary Guard rapid response ships and the USCGC Baranof patrol ship approached about sixty meters away.

Rebecca Rebarich, a spokeswoman for the US Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain, said:

The American crew repeatedly warned the Iranian ships over the radio and announcer, but did not expand.

The Firebolt crew then fired warning shots, and the Revolutionary Guard ships took a safe distance from the American ships. Rebarish called on the Revolutionary Guards to take into account the safety of other ships, as required by international law.

“US warships are vigilant and their commanders reserve the right to self-defense,” he added.

Iran has not responded yet.

Monday’s incident was the second in a month when the US Navy accused the Revolutionary Guard of “carrying out a dangerous and unprofessional operation” in the Gulf.

Cover photo: A photo released by the US Army patrol ship USS Firebolt (PC-10) off the coast of Manama, Bahrain

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