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A type of spider named after Tom Hardy’s venom
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A type of spider named after Tom Hardy’s venom

Just don’t catch the snake named Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford can relax, this time scientists aren’t assigning him the name of another dangerous animal, and anyway a spider (Calponia harrisonfordi), an ant (Pheedula harrisonfordi), and a snake (Tachymenoides harrisonfordi) have already been named after him.

This time, Tom Hardy and his character Venom from Marvel served as inspiration for a newly identified species of Australian spider, after scientists discovered marks on the spider’s body that reminded them of the symbiote: this is how Venomius Tomhardy was “born”.

the Evolutionary systematics The authors of the study, published in the journal Venom, explained that the patterns on the spider’s chest jumped to the pattern on Venom’s head after the Marvel anti-hero merged with Eddie Brock, who was revived in Tom Hardy’s films. This realization led scientists to name this genus of spiders Venomius, and to name the only known species of the genus Venomius tomhardyi. This is what the spider looks like:

According to researchers’ information, Phnomius tomhardi contains poison, but it is harmless to humans. It builds circular and vertical webs and often hides in silk-lined cavities in tree branches when disturbed during the day. Samples were collected in South Australia.

Venom will next be seen in the video game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but Sony’s long-term plans also included a Venom 3 movie, starring Tom Hardy.

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