A true legal nightmare for ‘disfiguring’ the PlayStation 5

Dbrand makes designs of their own rather than the original, but they don’t give up on their dark dream completely.

With the PlayStation 5, Sony not only took the design to the extreme, but also replaced the black color that was prevalent in previous generations. The overall effect is very nice, but few still swear by a completely black machine, and they can be helped by Dbrand Darkplates, which changes the white parts to black. More precisely, it would have been, since the edge Sony has stated that it has been threatened with lawsuits because it saw a copy of a product design owned by SIE.

another history

Of course, Debrand went to him in February by saying “Come, sue us!” They texted Sony and have now complied with the request in Japan.

However, Debrand won’t give up. Although one Sony-designed accessory is no longer sold, another is designed to replace it. Darkplates 2.0 is already its own solution, which means that it does not copy anything and, in addition to black, will be available in both gray and white.

Sony PlayStation 5 a Darkplates 2.0-val
Sony PlayStation 5 a Darkplates 2.0-val [+]

What’s interesting about Darkplates 2.0 is that it uses larger vents where a fan built into the Sony console blows air out. This sounds good, but it won’t really make a difference, because the PlayStation 5’s performance metric is related to load, not temperature.

Dbrand will start shipping in November Darkplates 2.0.0 UpdateWhich costs $59 during pre-order and $69 after release.

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