A transgender athlete cannot start on the US national team

A transgender athlete cannot start on the US national team

Transgender women in the US are not allowed to compete in the current US Olympic qualifiers, so CeCe Telfer MTI wrote that there could be no summer games with the Five Rings in Tokyo. The United States Athletics Federations (USATF) denied their right to start due to

400 hurdles did not meet the conditions for permissible testosterone levels in women’s races.

The WA guidelines, introduced in 2019, do not allow athletes with testosterone levels of 5 nanomolar or higher per liter to compete. WA offers the option of lowering testosterone levels in those affected by surgery or medication, but it must remain below the prescribed limit for 12 months. Born in Jamaica, he is a former male racer, however, Telfer did not meet the requirements of WA.

According to the current situation, weightlifting in New Zealand, Laurel Hubbard The only – and first – transgender athlete to become an Olympian after fulfilling the performance requirements in Tokyo, has been nominated by his country’s Olympic Committee for the Summer Games starting July 23.

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