A third of Italians will not be able to pay for their services

A third of Italians will not be able to pay for their services

The survey, which was conducted in conjunction with several opinion polls, showed that 68 percent of Italians started saving money because of inflation and rising energy prices. In the country of 60 million people, 24.5 million Italians buy less food than the same period in previous years. At the same time, they do not give up high-quality products. The survey showed that consumers follow best practices during the pandemic, that is, if they cannot go to a restaurant, they try to prepare special meals at home.

The numbers show it 57 percent of renters are finding it increasingly difficult to pay rent, and 26 percent are asking for rent to be postponed or suspended. For higher overhead costs,

A third of Italians will not be able to pay them by Christmas.

The interim government announced a plan to save gas at the beginning of the heating season in October: according to the package, the heating season begins one week later and ends one week earlier in the spring.

According to the dates announced by the provinces with different climates, the heating season begins first in northern Italy on October 22, and the last is on in the southern islands, where they wait until December 8. In the hottest regions you can heat for a maximum of five hours a day, in the coldest regions for thirteen hours a day.

In Milan, the heating season lasts from October 22 to April 7, with 13 hours of heating per day. In Rome, from November 8 to April 7, heating is allowed for 11 hours a day. Nine hours daily from November 22 to March 23 in Palermo, Sicily. In the extreme south of the island of Lampedusa, it will be possible to heat up with natural gas from December 8.

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