A thermometer can be included in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

A thermometer can be included in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

According to the latest information, Samsung wants to provide the premium smartwatch series with a feature that has never been seen before by the manufacturer. The Galaxy Watch 5 Series could launch a thermometer feature that specifically tests users’ body temperatures. Cucumbers can be used to identify febrile pathologies in time, but ovulation cycles can also be monitored by development.

The idea is not revolutionary, there are already smartwatches with a thermometer, but the installation of such a sensor in the device alone is still very limited to obtain accurate measurement results. The temperature of a user’s wrist depends on many different things, for example, even sunlight can make accurate checks difficult. These confounding factors, and their cumbersome exclusion from the scaling process, have been the reason neither Samsung nor Apple have been rushing to introduce the sensor and option associated with their smartwatches just yet.

However it ETNews According to Samsung, it has successfully resolved these issues. The Korean media body knows that measuring body temperature could be the main focus of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which will be used to promote the devices. Not only Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 models, but also a Galaxy Buds series headset that is said to be able to get this feature, the accessory is currently being tested as reported. The prototype uses an infrared sensor to detect the inner temperature of the ear.

South Korean reporters say the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch may be unveiled in August, a year after the current Galaxy Watch 4 series was revealed. Existing models haven’t been without high-volume innovations either, discontinuing the previous Tizen system for Wear OS and introducing an ECG sensor along with other health monitoring options.

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Source: GSMArena

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