A terribly large asteroid is approaching Earth - Metropol

A terribly large asteroid is approaching Earth – Metropol

NASA is tracking more than 27,000 different objects that can approach Earth, some of them over a kilometer in size. According to NASA’s Earth Observation Center, some have already flown close to the planet and are moving, and more will follow in the coming days, he said. orego ABC News.

And on Friday, the asteroid 2021 SM3 which can reach a diameter of 525 feet, which is larger than the Egyptian asteroid arrives. Great Pyramid of Giza Size – about 3.5 million miles (about 5 million 600 thousand km) from Earth.

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According to the information, on November 13, UE 2004 will also approach the Earth, which is almost the size of Royal District Building. The 2004 UE will travel four million kilometers across the planet.

a NASA Near Earth ObjectsComets and asteroids are pushed by the gravity of nearby planets into orbits that allow them to land near the Earth“.

Asteroids are relatively close to Earth, but there is no fear, Experts say they are still far away.

Paul Chodas, chief of NASA’s CNEOS (Near-Earth Observatory) asteroid observatory to ABC News He said that they are millions of miles away by human standards and that asteroids cannot come close to our planet.

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