A tappan dance troupe from Kiscapa is touring Australia

They are now in the middle of their nearly month-long tour. At the request of the Hungarians in Victoria, the Hungarofest dance hall, folk music concert, folklore show, several children’s programs and musical instrument performances are included in the programme. Now they are preparing for a festive performance on March 15th, in which, as well as tapan and talleros, local dancers and actors will take part. The show – directed and choreographed by Tamas Farkas – will premiere on March 19 at the Hungarian Center in Melbourne.

The artistic director added that they are constantly building relationships with local communities and dance companies, and are already planning next year’s programs and joint performances.

The news for the people of Taban is that the Taban Folk Dance Association and the Hungarian Sapientia University in Transylvania have recently entered into a cooperation agreement regarding the teaching of folk dance at the Cluj College of Dance.

Tabán Dance Group and Talléros Group members are staying in Australia for a month.

He had a professional and friendly relationship with Transylvania for many years, Tamas Farkas told us about his ancestors, always supporting the Hungarian folk dance movement in Romania, as well as training dancers and coaches. Following the current cultural strategic agreement, the NGO in Bequescapa will provide a trainer for the Cluj-Napoca Dance Department in the future: in the first round, the pair of trainers will be Tamas Farkas and Agnes Farkas, but they plan to expand the Cluj-Napoca Dance. Authorized faculty members.

The cooperation is also beneficial to the university, as the teacher is paid by the Tappan Folk Dance Association. He affirmed that all contacts are important to the association, and he believes that it is an unprecedented opportunity and honor for a rural NGO to be involved in the work of a prominent, well-known and recognized higher education institution.

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