A suspicious white powder was sent to the German Minister of Economy

The local police and fire department launched a large-scale operation after an envelope containing a suspicious white powder arrived at the Flensburg district office of German Economy Minister Robert Habeck on Thursday. As a precaution, the police station in the center of the coastal city was evacuated.

Authorities are still investigating what substance the envelope contained.
Photo: Tobias Schwartz/AFP

the Deutsche Welle According to the office staff themselves, they took the envelope to the police at 3pm Hungarian time, after someone opened it and discovered the suspicious white powder inside. At least one other Green Party employee also came into contact with the material. They decided to evacuate because they could not immediately identify the dust.
No one was reported injured, and the authorities are still investigating the white powder, although according to eyewitnesses, most of it is white sand. And according to the DPA news agency, it is

It can be excluded that it contains dangerous chemicals or radioactive materials.

The portal reported that Habeck’s office was occupied by climate activists in January as part of a widespread anti-coal protest, because they accuse the Greens and Habeck personally, who is in charge of energy as well as the economy, of treason. The politician’s popularity has fallen a lot recently due to accusations of nepotism and an amendment to the Building Energy Code, according to which a new heating system based exclusively on fossil energy cannot be installed from next year.

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