A surfboard was attacked by an Australian shark, and pieces of clothing were found

Simon Pacanello, 46, was attacked by a shark on Saturday while surfing with others near his home in Elliston, South Australia. His damaged skateboard was found a short time later.

Trevlin Smith, head of the local government disaster management service, told News Corp that a bite mark could be detected in the center of the surfboard.

Shark warning sign in Town Beach, New South Wales, Australia.Source: Twitter

South Australian police said other elements suggestive of a shark attack were found at Walkers Rock near the site on Sunday.

One of the objects appears to be wetsuit material and the other objects appear to be white polystyrene, small pieces of surfboard material

– says the police statement. The evidence will be sent for forensic analysis.

This is the first fatal shark attack in Australia since February 15, when a swimmer was attacked by a 4.5-meter great white shark on a beach in Sydney in the southeast of the continent.

Less than two weeks ago, a 16-year-old boy was attacked after he jumped from a pedal lane into a river near Perth in the southwest. It is supposed to be taken by a bull shark.

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