A study claims that the metaverse can strengthen the global economy

Tech News – You could already laugh out loud at the title, but behind the surface there’s reason to laugh even more.

the Deloitte Prepared the study that talks about the ability of the metaverse to raise the gross domestic product (gross domestic product) of the United States by about. by 2.4%. In the money, that’s approx. It means 700 billion dollars. This included not only the entertainment medium for VR and AR video games, but also manufacturing, medical and defense uses. Meta led by Mark Zuckerberg according to The United States is well positioned to harness the potential of the metaverse and lead its international development. Meta writing cites several reports, so it can be read that the EU could increase its economic opportunity by $538.29 billion by 2035 if it uses Meta products, which corresponds to 1.3-2.4% of GDP yes. In the case of Canada, the metaverse could contribute $33.86 billion to the economy over the same period. Covering the whole world, it means $3.6 trillion annually.

It is also worth reading the small part, because the estimate for the international report does not take into account the growth of the Earth’s population (in fact, it should decrease, just like in our country, despite Dumas doing better), so the contribution to the output may be underestimated Gross Domestic Metaverse. They predict that the virtual and augmented reality technologies surrounding the Metaverse will overtake mobile phones as the primary computing platform within twelve years. To this we add that technological development is unpredictable, because who knows what will reach the public by that time.

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Then comes the joke. So, the Deloitte study (which seems to be quite disconnected from reality, because it seems not a single letter is mentioned about AI…) says that the metaverse can actually be good for the economy. But the study was paid for by Meta. Because of this, we cannot take seriously what they are talking about. This happens when the state party beats its chest over something that is clearly not right.

source: PCGamer

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