A strange owl was found like a dinosaur 24h

A strange owl was found like a dinosaur 24h

New one a study Based on your nightlife style Shufuya sweets MTI writes. The owl-like dinosaur had night vision and hearing, and the predator lived in the plains of present-day Mongolia and northern China for about 70 million years.

Jonah SchoenerezA colleague and colleagues at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa examined the ring of bone surrounding the pupil and the bony tube that covers the intracranial auditory organ.

The analysis revealed that the dinosaur had similar visual and auditory capabilities to a barn owl, so it hunted excellently in complete darkness.

Predatory dinosaurs generally had better than average hearing, but their vision was mostly adapted to daylight. Unlike them a Shufuya sweets It was great hunting at night.

Victor Radermaker

Species lived in the Era of Cretaceous Earth history. A leggy animal, about the size of a pheasant, may even weigh a smaller house cat. With no strong jaw or sharp teeth, its skull can be strikingly bird-like, weak, with teeth as small as a grain of rice inside. With its medium length neck, tiny head, and extra long legs, it looked like a strangely growing chicken. Unlike birds, it also had short but very strong arms that ended with a single arm which was suitable for digging.

He said, “It is such a strange animal that paleontologists have been breaking their heads for so long about how it could survive.” Present BensonPaleontologist at the University of Oxford. According to experts, nocturnal activity was unusual among dinosaurs, with the exception of the Varizoride family, where Shufuya Also belongs. These dinosaurs developed the ability to see at night early in their evolution, but it took longer for us to hear them.

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