A strange island not far away

A strange island not far away

Pepper is small but powerful, as the saying goes, and that’s just as true for Kiss Denome Island.

The Faroe Islands consist of eighteen main islands, but despite its small size, Kis-Dímun is of great importance because it affects the atmosphere.

The special feature of the island is that a cloud of mist regularly appears over the area, which usually forms only over mountaintops or other prominent areas, which makes it quite unique.

The cumulus cloud is neither high nor low, mostly gray, but mostly white, and composed of regular nodules, but sometimes of parallel cloud columns.

It is the only island in the Faroe Islands that is uninhabited, which means that it is inhabited only by sheep. However, tourism has developed, local farmers make a living from organizing tours and have a lot of work to do, as the cloudy island is very popular.

Sheep have been living there originally, that is, their ancestors, since the 19th century. The original bloodline was shot in the middle of the 19th century, thus domesticated Faroese sheep were settled in the Damon sack later. The farmers raise sheep and take them home every winter to spend the winter.

But it’s not just sheep that live on the island, Little Dímun’s birdlife is also of great international importance, with around 30,000 pairs of seabirds nesting in these areas each year.

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According to the Faroese, there was a battle on the island in the 13th century.

The Faroe Islands are not only famous for their amazing natural talent, but also for the bloody and cruel folk tradition of slaughtering more than a thousand dolphins once a year.

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