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A strange difference has been discovered between the North and South Poles of the Earth

A strange difference has been discovered between the North and South Poles of the Earth

Our planet's magnetic field protects us from many cosmic threats and has long formed the basis of our navigation systems. However, the magnetic field is not constant: the Earth's magnetosphere is affected by the solar wind, and when the Sun is more active, as it is today, it compresses more.

For a long time, it was attributed to this that the magnetic field showed different values ​​depending on whether it was recorded near the Earth's surface or in space. It was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics Stady However, the answer may be different.

The researchers used data from 2014 to 2020, where geomagnetic conditions were low or average in 98.1 percent of cases during this period. Even when the magnetosphere was not significantly affected by space weather, there were serious differences between observations.

These were particularly evident in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Yining ShiThe climate and space scientist at the University of Michigan said that the magnetic field between the northern and southern polar regions is very different, although most assume a similar magnetic field.

According to the researcher, the deviations in the track data from the Swarm satellites were initially attributed to geophysical disturbances, but it was later found that they were due to the asymmetry of the Earth's magnetic field.

The research highlights that the polar magnetic field has changed very rapidly in the past decade, presenting a serious challenge to researchers. Mark MuldwynAccording to the author of the study, it is necessary to create accurate models of the magnetic field, because this is not only important for science, but also plays a role in accurate navigation both on Earth and in space.

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