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A space mission and planetary exploration with the participation of Miskolc company

A space mission and planetary exploration with the participation of Miskolc company

One of the most important scientific missions of the European Space Agency, Ariel, investigates the atmosphere, nature, origin and evolution of exoplanets – the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for space research confirmed on October 24, at the Space Mission Union meeting in Budapest, in which more than 220 people were registered.

In addition to scientific research, Hungary is helping in the successful implementation of the mission by building tools, Ursulja Ferenc told public media before the meeting. The goal of the mission is to obtain an answer for the first time in human history as to whether there are traces of substances in the atmosphere of exoplanets that indicate the presence of some form of life there, said the minister responsible for space research. As he said

Hungarian researchers and engineers are also involved in the implementation of the international programme, including employees of the Konkölé Thegy Miklós Institute of Astronomy of the HUN-REN Research Center for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, as well as ADMATIS Kft. In Miskolc.

The consortium meeting in Budapest provides interested parties with a scientific overview of the Ariel space mission. Ursualia Ferenc said that with the help of London and other partners from international space agencies, researchers participating in the program will report on the results so far.

During its 4-year mission, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Ariel science mission, which will launch in 2029, will observe 1,000 planets orbiting distant stars at visible and infrared wavelengths to study their formation and evolution. The science mission will measure the chemical composition and temperature of exoplanetary atmospheres for the first time, thus enabling planetary research beyond the boundaries of the solar system.

As part of the Hungarian contribution, ADMATIS Kft, as leader of the Hungarian team, will deliver equipment for the space telescope and equipment for Ariel’s construction and ground logistics missions. A special cooling radiator is also installed in the spacecraft, which precisely regulates the temperature of important instruments inside the satellite, usually the detector and electronics.
In addition, the Hungarians will prepare various assembly frames, positioners, and racks to be used for assembly in England from the equipment remaining on Earth, as well as three containers in which the space telescope will be transported overland across Europe. This ensures the right temperature and vibration-free environment for a satellite worth hundreds of millions of euros in clean room conditions.

The contribution of government-supported galactic instruments through PRODEX payments sent to ESA is professionally coordinated by Robert Szabo, Director of the Konkoli Thej Miklós Institute for Astronomy of the HUN-REN Research Center for Astronomy and Earth Sciences – read background materials released for the event.

Hungarian researchers also participate in scientific working groups. In addition to examining the atmospheres of exoplanets, these efforts aim to better understand the work and activity of the parent stars of the respective planets, and to compile, improve and complete the target list.

The Arielt Development Consortium includes 600 researchers and engineers from more than 50 institutes in 16 ESA member states – the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway. Sweden and Estonia are members, and NASA, JAXA and the Canadian Space Agency have also recently been confirmed to participate. Hungary has been part of the Ariel Union since the beginning of 2018.

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