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A series of other three Battle of Thrones antecedents can be completed

Három újabb Trónok harca előzménysorozat készülhet el bevezetőkép

HBO seems to want to show us the fictional world of George R.R. Martin in more detail.

The Battle of the Thrones on HBO was a smash hit, although the ending of the adventure left a relatively bad depression throughout the series that not many were happy with. However, we might still see Westeros on the screens, as HBO is planning several series of stories, plus news of another piece of the genre, and we might even get an animated series.

Fans don’t seem to have to deal with that much, as according to information from The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the idea for three more date series appeared on the channel. One of them bears the working title of 9 Tours and may be supported by Romanian creator Bruno Heller. At the heart of this sub-show could theoretically be Lord Corles Villarion, nicknamed the Sea Serpent, who would play Stephen Toussaint in another series of stories, House of the Dragon.

Another title that originated was titled 10,000 Ships, and could tell the story of Princess Nimeria, who, by the way, is one of the ancestors of the well-known Martel family and also founded the Kingdom of Dorn. This adventure takes place roughly 1,000 years before the plot of Battle of Thrones, so it can invite the viewer on a very dangerous journey through time. In the end, there was a third series of precedents, which could take place in an unclean and friendly part of Királyvár, the infamous Flea End. This is where Cruz Davos and Gendry Baratheon were born, for example.

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It is definitely important to add that these are just ideas for now, so there is no guarantee that all three concepts will eventually become a chain. Of course, fans will likely be delighted to return to Martin’s fictional world, because unfortunately it will be difficult to guess now when the sixth volume of The Song of Fire and Ice arrives, which readers have been waiting for for a very long time.

What topic do you think a good Battle of Thrones can lead to by accident? Perhaps who rebelled Robert Baratheon?

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