A seal puppy broke into a house in New Zealand, where he not only terrorized the cat, but also tried the sofa – video

It so happened that aquatic mammals visited the family of a marine biologist, who does not live near the coast anyway.

A curious baby seal had to be released back into the sea in New Zealand after it broke into the home of a marine biologist and left the family cat hanging in the hallway for several hours, causing a traumatic experience. However, miraculously it did not destroy anything or hurt anyone – Writes Watchman.

Members of the Ross family, who live in Mount Monganui, a suburb near Tauranga, the capital of the country’s North Island in the southern hemisphere, were surprised to find a New Zealand bear seal in their home 150 meters from shore on Wednesday morning.

Head of the family phil russian Otherwise, he was not home at the time of the unexpected visit.

The joke is that this was really the only family emergency where it would have been beneficial to have a marine biologist in the house. I really missed my boss

The man said, then told me he was his wife Gene Nor did he move fast enough when he woke up just before 6 a.m. Wednesday morning to go to the gym for a workout. Observe the animal only after it returns home after exercise.

When the woman got into her car, she noticed that she heard a barking and something rushing under her, but she mistakenly thought the seal was a dog, so she went to exercise in good conscience and only encountered the presence of the little seal when she got home about seven o’clock and the house opened at the front door.

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The animal was so afraid of the owner’s arrival in the house that it ran from the corridor of the house to the guest room.

According to the marine biologist’s husband, the aquatic mammal entered the building through cat doors after he met the family’s local cat outside after his wife had left. with cocobut the baby seal was not carved from the same wood as the dogs, so the domestic cat gave up the fight for land and ran home—and the seal could follow.

Thus, it is assumed that he was at home for more than an hour, while neither parent was in the house, while the children were still sleeping upstairs.

Jin immediately woke up their two children, aged 12, after arriving home Noah He is 10 years old I seeto see their “new pet” – who were completely absent from the guest.

Spotted by her mother’s presence coming home from training, the seal ran into the guest room and made herself comfortable on the sofa, but Jane finally managed to get her out to the garden. At 10 in the morning, the Department of Nature Conservation also arrived at the game to take the seal back to sea this morning filled with seal watching.

According to Ross, the seal that the family considers according to the traditions of society Oscar His nickname, it turned out to be polite company, and fortunately he didn’t pee in the house. “I think this would have been fatal to the furniture,” the marine biologist joked.

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Meanwhile, the cat Coco ran into the house next door, and when she returned home, she refused to go downstairs because, according to her owner, she was “very traumatized.”

The marine biologist also said that at this time of year, it is not at all unusual for baby seals to roam the area, as this begins when the baby seals begin to separate from their parents and begin to live independently.

I think, like all teens, they don’t necessarily make rational decisions

– The marine biologist, who also seems tough in my dad jokes, kept joking.

However, the New Zealand fur seal population is recovering and repopulating much of its former range. As cute as they are, seals move quickly and can cause serious injury if they feel threatened. They also carry infectious diseases – concludes the report of the research paper.

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