A sea monster was caught by a fishing boat

A sea monster was caught by a fishing boat

A fisherman has come across a “dragon-like” fish off the coast of Tromsø, Norway, further enriching his collection of strange creatures taken from the depths.

The illusion that was raised on the ship appears to be a creature from another world

Roman Fedorkov, who works in commercial fishing vessels, was on duty in the Norwegian Sea when he came across an unusual-looking creature in the cut net. Take a picture of the fish that was light pink with big eyes and huge breasts like wings

It has a long tail that resembles a rat.

Roman shared a photo of the strange creature on his Instagram account with 646,000 followers, and GF Lovecraft wrote a quote for the photo: “Looking for something unknown is a completely different matter.”

And they look like a dragon caught by Roman FedrokovSource: Jam Press / Roman Fedortsov

“It is best to watch such creatures from afar. In fact, the depths of the sea are unknown. Also known as the sea cat.

Another “beast” of the Fedrocov group is the wolffish (Anarchias lupus), which lives in the northern waters.Source: Jam Press / Roman Fedortsov

Roman Fedorkov became a sensation with his Instagram posts depicting the strange sea creatures he had caught. Fedorukov fish mostly lives in the Barents Sea with cold waters, which opens to the Arctic Ocean.

Barents with sea viewSource: Wikimedia Commons

Its nets are lowered to a depth of 900 to 1800 meters, called the sea’s low-light twilight zone, where very strange carvings appear.

They are named after a mythical beast

The illusion caught by Roman Fedrokov is actually a cartilaginous fish (chondrocytes ) is one of the subcategories of the classmyth). cat shaped seaAlchemy ) Three families and nearly a hundred species are known to science. In Greek mythology, the chimera is a monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a rat, named after this strange group of cartilaginous fish.

The imaginary elephant lives a bottom-dwelling lifestyleSource: Wikimedia Commons

Sharks, rays and chimaera, which also belong to the cartilaginous fish, have a common ancestor,

From which the last group separated in the Devonian period, approximately 400 million years ago.

With the exception of the cartilaginous skeleton and the four pairs of gill arches covered with plates, sea cats show little resemblance to their relatives, sharks. Their teeth, for example, are fused into two dental plates resembling rodent incisors, their bodies are scaly and their gills are attached to the mouth.

Oral part of the delusion ignited by Roman FedrokovSource: Jam Press / Roman Fedortsov

a pointed poisonous protrusion emerging from the first dorsal fin,

Their tails are oblong and long, and in some species a whip-like body without floats. Chimeran or marine cats live in shallow waters at dusk and in the dark area between 1,000 and 3,000 meters respectively. They are predators that feed on small fish and benthic invertebrates. Since they are creatures that live in the deep sea, they are rarely placed before the human eye.

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