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A scary mystery: 20,000 people disappeared without a trace. Could this be the work of aliens?

A scary mystery: 20,000 people disappeared without a trace. Could this be the work of aliens?

Probably everyone has heard about the Bermuda Triangle, where many ships and planes have disappeared without a trace in recent decades. Many films, books and series have been inspired by this mysterious place, according to many Aliens or some paranormal phenomena can cause mysterious tragedies – but supposed to There is a much worse place that not many people know about.

Photo: Marco Aliaksandr

In theory, more than 20,000 people have disappeared in the Alaska Triangle since 1972, but people don’t talk about it much. The reason for this is questionable, although it may have happened that the victims were wealthy and influential people and, moreover, in a way They have completely disappearedThat is, neither their bodies nor their plane were found, no matter how hard they searched.

Are aliens behind the strangeness?

Many people explain disappearances with aliens, because it’s exactly the same It is unbelievable that no shipwrecks or bodies were found During research in recent decades. This is also an interesting similarity between the Bermuda Triangle and the Alaska Triangle, although it is relatively easier to explain in the former, because it has to do with the water there, and in Alaska it has to do with the land.

Hikers and small planes regularly disappear in the Alaska Triangle, and of course people don’t just blame aliens for that. There are supposed to be a lot of bears in the area, it’s very cold, the wilderness is completely untouched, and even the weather conditions are usually pretty harsh – this is In fact, these dangerous factors can cause atrocities that seem inexplicable.

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