A Russian businessman may have important American information

A Russian businessman may have important American information

Former officials say the Russian businessman accused of securities fraud in the United States could practically be a goldmine for intelligence.

The report said that the Moscow-based cybersecurity firm of Vladimir Clyusin worked with the Russian government, and this, in addition to its links with Russian military intelligence and a Russian military intelligence officer, may be of great interest to US law enforcement and intelligence agencies. a file.

The US government has not publicly linked Clyushin to Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election, but one of his co-accused is Ivan Germakov, one of dozens of Russian military intelligence officers accused in 2018 of election interference.

The head of the US Cyber ​​Security Agency said that the arrest and subjugation of Kalgossen could shed more light on the actions of the GRU against the United States and its allies. The newspaper wrote that, according to Krebs, even if he did not cooperate, the condemnation of Clyushin could send a strong signal to those like him that they do not have freedom of movement outside Russia.

By the way, the businessman was detained in Switzerland last March, where he had just spent his winter vacation with his family, and was extradited to the United States last month.

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