A Romanian anti-Hungarian organization organizes another provocative rally in Transylvania - Szent Korona Rádió

A Romanian anti-Hungarian organization organizes another provocative rally in Transylvania – Szent Korona Rádió

Organization procession. The inscription on the mulino: “Something eternal: the Romanian land of Transylvania!”

Romanian chauvinism continues to rage in Transylvania. On the occasion of the Romanian National Day, the anti-Hungarian extremist organization once again organizes events in the Hungarian-populated areas.

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On the occasion of the Romanian national holiday, the National Road (Kalia Nimuloi) once again enlists its supporters for a parade in Sicklefold.

This year, for the first time in Csíkszereda, the Romanian Army will deploy military aircraft and helicopters, weather permitting. A French NATO detachment will also set out in the center of the city, of which more than eighty percent are Hungarian. And after the military parade, in the evening hours, soldiers and authorities “salute” before the annexation of Transylvania to Romania with a torch procession on the main avenue of the settlement.

Movement is also organized in Kézdivásárhely. Mikhail Tornovino, President of the Organization – who is already over He did a provocative action in Uzvolji And in the cities of Székelyföld – he collects donations on his social media page and asks for help transporting people, Romanian flags and equipment from Brasov, Bákó and Kovászna to Kézdivásárhely, because he wants a loud sound system “The Romanian national anthem should be played throughout the celebration, and patriotic songs should be played”. In his appeal, the anti-Hungarian leader stated that anything could happen, but that they would not back down.

At 12:00 they will take part in the official religious ceremony organized by the army and the province – thus once again confusing religious beliefs with Romanian views – and in a military parade in front of the Orthodox Church on the outskirts of the city, followed by their own “parade” in the city centre. In another post, Leader discussed this

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“Although Viktor Orbán flaunts his muscles with the great scarf of Hungary around his neck,” they repeat their eternal message that “Transylvania is a Romanian land. We will say this on December 1 in Kézdivásárhely, as we did in Székelyudvarhely, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Marosvásárhely, and Cluj- Napoca and Nagykároly”

– argued the provocateur. He added that the main enemy is in Budapest, they control everything from there, and that they are going to Kizdivasarli on December 1 because the party of the Hungarian Prime Minister received the most votes in terms of percentage from the city of Trieste.

The local mayor, Tibor Bokor, also spoke about the matter and said that they do not welcome these “guests”, but the law does not allow them to prevent the event, which does not require a permit, but only a notice.

Özvolci: Again, the Romanian chauvinists were commemorated in the non-existent military cemeteries

Meanwhile, in Uzvolje: the Romanian pilgrims spoke of the vandals and the invasion of the Hungarians in Transylvania

(According to Krónika Online and the Hungarian nation, Holy Crown Radio)

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