A regulation on rental exemptions has been published - it applies to more companies and is continuing longer

A regulation on rental exemptions has been published – it applies to more companies and is continuing longer

In government information last week, the minister in charge of the prime minister’s office Advertise: As of February 1, there is no need to pay rent for cafes, restaurants and gyms operating in state or municipal properties. Despite a slight delay, the decree on this was published on Tuesday In the Hungarian newspaper – With some new details.

Accordingly, for the months of February, March, April, May and June 2021, the state or local government and companies under the influence of the majority may not impose rental fees on companies operating in the following activities:

1. Restaurant, mobile catering,
2. Event catering,
3.Serving drinks,
Fourth screening of the film,
The Fifth Conference, Organizing a Trade Fair,
6- Sports and recreational training.
7. Performing arts,
8. Complementary to performing arts,
9. Operation of technical facilities,
10- Museum activities.
11. Operating a factory, a zoo, a nature reserve area,
12. Running an athletic facility.
13. Sports Federation.
14. Exercise service,
15- Other sporting activities.
16. Amusement park, amusement park,
17. A service to improve physical well-being (here public restrooms are included),
18. Other entertainment and leisure,
19. Hotel service.
20 – Leave and other temporary accommodation services,
21. Camping service,
22. Other accommodation services.
23- Travel Agency.
24. Travel arrangements or
25. Transporting other land passengers

The regulation does not apply to the restaurant / buffet in the workplace, the restaurant / bar at the place of residence, school canteens / buffets, and restaurants / buffets at the healthcare institution. Point 25 does not apply to public passenger carriers.

The list is a little wider than expected on the basis of the minister’s announcement, and the duration of the action is longer: Gergili Golias spoke of the fact that the rent should not be paid between February 1 and May 31, but not four but including 5 months exemption.

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If the company in question has already paid those months’ rent, the landlord must pay the tenant the amount by March 15, 2021.

What should a person who is not renting a place from the state or local government do?

In this regard, in government information, the minister only expressed his opinion: according to him, those who lease non-governmental or municipalities owned properties listed in the decree do not have to pay rent (due to force majeure, because their activity was impossible to pay rent from him due to the virus) .

In any case, the government does not want to have a say in this legal dispute

The minister said.

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