A reckless escape by a North Korean man

A reckless escape by a North Korean man

He managed to cross one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world for a North Korean fugitive, legally separating the two Koreas that are still at war, according to a statement issued by an expert Seoul on Wednesday.

Due to a reckless and successful escape attempt, the opposition and the press set fire to the Seoul government after it was revealed that the army had not detained the man despite being monitored by several security cameras, not even a warning indicating that the borders were violated during the storming, after he was spotted, it took another three hours To catch him. According to press reports, the 20-year-old landed on the east coast of South Korea, in Goseong. He was asleep when they found him.

He was supposed to swim for six hours, wear a padded jacket under a wetsuit, and also used flippers. A South Korean General Staff said Wednesday that it was presumably thanks to them that he did not cool down and was able to stay afloat.

After the man was arrested, he told the South Korean authorities that he wanted a solution. The army admitted that the man could enter the country in this way because the soldiers did not meet the criteria.

Since the Korean War, which ended with a ceasefire agreement in 1953, about 30,000 people have fled communist North Korea to South Korea. However, the vast majority of them did not penetrate the highly guarded demilitarized zone, but did reach South Korea via China.

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