A recent video shows the utility of MRAP combat vehicles

In the video are two American made Maxx Pro MRAP Visible. The second armored car is in very poor condition, the engine compartment is completely gone, and it is believed that it ran over a mine with its right front wheel.

Although at first glance it appears that the car sustained significant damage as a result of the explosion, it is worth taking a closer look at the Maxx Pro’s passenger compartment, which appears to be undamaged.

MRAP (protected mine-resistant ambush) The essence of the concept is to protect passengers from explosions that occur near the ground. The car itself can, of course, suffer serious damage, But the armored passenger compartment, which is located far from the ground, protects the soldiers from shrapnel, The V-shaped floor plate conducts blast energy laterally.

Of course, as with all other weapons, a compromise was made here: aMRAP vehicles are better protected against inferno and mine attacks, Such as, for example, the BMP armored personnel carriers that often appear in battles in Ukraine, However, the high superstructure presents a much greater purpose for various anti-tank weapons.

The cover image is an illustration, and it is not made in Ukraine. Source: Getty Images

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