A rapidly spreading South African mutation in the Coronavirus has also been identified in the United Kingdom

Two new cases of coronavirus have been identified in the United Kingdom where a South African person received a more effective mutation than the conventional coronavirus. Both cases relate to travel to South Africa, BBC writes.

The British Minister of Health thanked the South African authorities for reporting the new virus mutation quickly and transparently.

Recently, two new mutations were identified in the virus. One in the UK and the other in South Africa. The two mutations show similar features, but they developed separately from each other. The common denominator between them is that it appears to be more effective and faster than the so far known mutations in the Coronavirus. The mutation in South Africa is already the prevalent viral mutation in some parts of the country, and it is spreading very quickly. In front of the two countries, more than fifty countries closed their borders.

In addition, the epidemic in the UK (where the world’s first mass vaccination campaign began on December 8) has already broken records: 39,237 new cases and 744 deaths were reported on Thursday. More austerity measures are being introduced in the country, with the introduction of a strict epidemiological degree in new parts of the country, where it is forbidden to leave the apartment without a good reason and meet people who live in other families.

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