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A radio burst more than 8 billion years old has reached our Earth – PCW

A radio burst more than 8 billion years old has reached our Earth – PCW

The wave has come a long way to get here.

Although we are accustomed to seeing the night sky as calm, there are many phenomena that occur that we ourselves are not aware of. It is primarily about the movement of energies that can be detected mainly in the form of radio waves coming from outer space with the help of particularly specialized devices.

It’s not new, the first related phenomenon was discovered in 1932 by engineer Karl Janski, who definitely discovered energies coming from black holes and exploding or stars forming in the sky, the so-called “cosmic noise” in the form of

Despite the possibilities of modern science, many questions surround the topic, so the exact explanation of these phenomena remains unclear. However, a few days ago researchers were able to measure a distant radio burst that reached Earth within 8 billion years.

According to Ryan Shannon, an astronomer at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and one of the leaders of the research, the events could be key to understanding the phenomena behind radio bursts and the early and pre-universe existence.

The explosion, named ‘FRB 20220610A’, was discovered by Australian researchers using a highly advanced radio telescope, which essentially collected the signal coming from the distant galaxy with the help of several parabolic antennas.

Incidentally, the explosion was later examined with another, more sensitive telescope, where faint light signs were also identified, so it was confirmed that the wave actually came from a very distant galaxy, where it could certainly have originated along several collisions.

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By the way, its age was determined by the wavelength, because it became larger and larger as the universe itself expanded, and on the basis of it it was concluded that the radio burst could be about 8 billion years old: almost half the age of the radio burst. The universe had passed its age by the time it reached us. If true, this means that FRB 20220610A has broken the record for the most distant fast radio burst ever.

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