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A puzzle at the beginning of 2024: what will happen to the mandatory energy certificate?

A puzzle at the beginning of 2024: what will happen to the mandatory energy certificate?

As of 1 November 2023, the Building Energy Regulations have been significantly revised. The change also affected the calculation method, requirements and certification rules. Preparing an energy certificate is still mandatory for new construction, as well as for the sale and rental of properties. In the case of new construction, as before, the builder takes care of preparing the certificate, before submitting the application for an occupancy permit or acknowledgment of occupancy, and in the case of construction activities subject to simple notification, before submitting the application for the occupancy permit an application for the official certificate proving completion. An account certifying compliance with the requirements can only be prepared by a specialist with certification authority.

Under the change, the energy rating of the property must be indicated in the advertisement for any property. This surprised real estate agencies and search portals, because there was no officially published list of what each classification technically meant, so at first everyone only encountered certain letter codes in advertisements. Although the portals created a field in which the classification letter was displayed, it was not necessary to fill it out, as this was the responsibility of the sender.

Therefore, from 1 November, it is optional whether the individual or office has inserted an energy certification letter for the property for sale into the advert. The usual scale of AA++ to JJ was later revealed to be A+++ to I. The previous shelf life of 10 years was reduced to 5 years. On the other hand, certificates before November 1, 2023 are no longer valid, because they can only be used for 60 days, after which they become invalid. As promised, the certifications were designed to be more understandable to the general public, as boundary structures and mechanical systems were evaluated separately (poor – poor – average – good – excellent). Old and new energy certificates after November 1 as promised The page is available.

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