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A policeman, paramedic, doctor and tax official also commented on the NVSZ network

A policeman, paramedic, doctor and tax official also commented on the NVSZ network

The purpose of reliability testing is to filter them out
with cases artificially created, who commit an offense by abusing their official positions and service obligations; the NVSZ His colleague offers the investigator a financial bribe to end his official and job duties.

However, in the investigation, the freedom of decision-making of the person under inspection shall not be infringed, He cannot be forced by mental or physical influence,
To accept the offered amount or any other unlawful advantage, he breaches his duty.

Since the establishment of the service, he has constantly emphasized: It is not a trap,

The aim is not to make the person examined guilty, because for them a positive outcome is if they can prove that the person concerned is acting in a lawful manner.

You should also know that thousands have been observed since 2011, but in many cases The procedure terminated by itselfNo illegal action occurred.

It is not only used in Hungary

In addition to the Hungarian service, senior staff of partner services from Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania and Serbia also participated in the conference organized this month.

It turns out that although the legal frameworks are similar in each country, the practice of application adapts to the social system.

The unfortunate variety of cases

That medic failed in February of this year, who does not know, the intelligence officer who pretended to be ill did not put seventy thousand forints in his pocket. He stole the money from the “patient” at the “right” moment, but that was the end of the story.

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Complaints have been made many times Due to gratuity issuesThe largest amount transferred was 800,000 HUF. The chief country doctor was suspected of issuing false certificates to people sentenced to prison in order to delay the sentence. The NVSZ officer offered 300,000 HUF for such a certificate, and the chief physician issued it.

Earlier, reported that a corrupt sports doctor was reported by the NVSZ, who also allegedly issued competition licenses to unscreened athletes.

in many cases, Also against border police officersAnd although this happened a few years ago, even the Zahouni border crossing had to be temporarily closed.

The two most populous organizations are the police and the tax officeAnd it is no coincidence that the notes about them are the most numerous. Plus many smaller cases NVSZ’s greatest success It was the case of Laszlo Wisowitzki, in which the detention of the ruler of Budapest’s nightlife culminated in the arrest of highly paid police officers.

Laszlo Wisowski had already been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison because he had admitted his guilt. High-ranking former police officers were sentenced to between six and eleven years in prison in February this year. According to the indictment, serious corruption offenses were committed.

the tax authority Cases where officials “suppose” that they are against certain companies are typical within their scope of work tax enforcement procedures
It ends unsuccessfully, or Tax secrets have been leaked in exchange for large sums.

can be investigated

They can take reliability test in the following government bodies: National Penalty Enforcement Command, Police, National Directorate-General for Disaster Management, National Directorate-General for Immigration, Counter-Terrorism Centre, National University of Public Service, Parliamentary Guard, National Directorate-General for Water, National Experts and Research Center, National. Director of the Health Insurance Fund, National Center for Public Health, Ministry of the Interior, Center for International Education, General Directorate of the National Hospital, Klipelsberg Center, Government Offices, General Directorate for the Creation of Social Opportunities.

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