A plane hits the ground with the door open. Video

A bus stuck in a flooded river, a wave pool on the highway, a seaplane meets a speedboat. Check out our video selection!

A seaplane almost collides with a speedboat

The video below was captured off the coast of Australia where a seaplane has just landed on the water. However, while descending, he nearly hit a speedboat that was only meters away.

Free car wash on the beach

The scene below was captured on a road called Oceanside Beach in California that runs along the ocean coast. There was a traffic jam on the road, and the cars on it were given a small wave-shaped bath.

Get off the bus into the river

In the Kota region of northern India, rivers were flooded with rain and a bus was stuck in the fast-flowing water. The 40 passengers were rescued from the car in a two-hour operation. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The plane landed with the door open

The Aerosucre Boeing 737 freighter took off from Mito, Colombia to Bogota when the pilot noticed it The cargo door opened shortly after takeoff. He immediately turned around and landed at the airport with the door open. No personal injury occurred, and the cause of the failure is being investigated.

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