A place that makes it sacred - Celebration of the chapel at the Assumption School in Tapolca |  Hungarian Post

A place that makes it sacred – Celebration of the chapel at the Assumption School in Tapolca | Hungarian Post

The parish priest, Nandur Chisunka, pastor of the school, and the Reverend Peter Giulai celebrated the Mass.

The archbishop drew the attention of the students at the beginning of the liturgy: the chapel in the school building accommodates the Lord, letting everyone in even for a moment. “When you want to say something to the Lord, you can go in there. He is there, He listens, He listens to your requests and give thanks.”

Giorgi Oddvardi in his sermon emphasized the importance of living according to the secular knowledge acquired at school and the rules and laws that are learned in religious classes, because this knowledge is not lost from us, but liberates us.

Let us enter the church or any temple with joy, because the Lord is present there.

The chosen people also felt great joy when they came to the camp, the ark of the covenant, which is the symbol of God’s presence, by the power of the law in it – that joy that must fill every person in these encounters.

The high priest encouraged everyone to trust the Father who loves us. He gives us all the power to receive His laws in our hearts because they are good, and they lead us into life, just as our parents and teachers do. The Lord who is present in the Church also encourages us to strive constantly for good in order to become good people.

After mass, the celebration continued in the school building, with the Archbishop of Visprem asking God’s blessing on the chapel on the third floor.

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Father Nandur Ksonka said that the church was necessary in the school because of that

You need a place that makes you holy and shows the holy sign,

Through which they can sanctify the entire institution and the outside world.

Director Janos Rohali expressed his happiness and gratitude, as the crown was completely renovated with the blessing of the church. Ten years of planning have now come true.

The church will provide an opportunity to hold a private mass, but it will also be a venue for pastoral programs, and it is especially pleasing for anyone to have free entry—teachers and students—for spiritual recharge.

Source and image: Diocese of Veszprem

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