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A place in Debrecen where the cold is not an obstacle

A place in Debrecen where the cold is not an obstacle

On Sunday, the Regélők Choir holds a concert, and after lighting the Hope candle, children can play the music with the help of the bells.

Source: Peter Molnar

On the second weekend of Advent, families were waiting for Santa programs and lighting the Candle of Hope at the Sziget-kék Thematic Park on Oláh Gábor Street in Debrecen with the support of BMW Group Gyár Debrecen. The event runs for two days, so those who feel like moving and want to unwind, the event welcomes them with open arms on Sundays as well.

Source: Peter Molnar

On Saturday, the main role was played by self-indulgent joy, while on Sunday it would also serve a little indulgence in Advent. In celebration of the upcoming Christmas there will be craft activities going on, you can draw gypsum figures and make postcards. On Saturday, dancers from the Lesz Dance and Sports Association perform a real leprechaun dance in special costumes. A popular attraction was the Alma Group concert, which was held indoors, but those staying in the park could also hear the music. – This was our plan, and we practically dreamed of the entire development so that the park would be suitable for both summer and winter events. At that time Pagoni was, one might say, empty during the winter, and our plan was to give the people of Debrecen a free opportunity which they could take advantage of at any time. The Events Center provides a tremendous help to community life. We all know that little ones can’t stand outside for more than 1-2 hours in the winter cold, and here that’s not an obstacle, because everything is provided to keep them warm, and the interiors are excellent too. They have to relax and play. Our aim with the current event was, among other things, to welcome those interested in quality programs and performers, because Sziget-kék wants to convey its value from the very beginning, Deputy Mayor Diana Zils said in response to Haon’s inquiry.

Source: Peter Molnar

Children play music together

– On Sunday, the Regélők Choir will give a concert, and after lighting the Candle of Hope, children can play music with the help of bells with the Bell Children’s Choir at St. On the last day of the week we can also meet Kandúrka, Sziget-kék’s mascot, who is joined on Sundays by Santa Claus – noted Judit Erzebet-Kes, director of the Sziget-kék Theme Park facility. He explained that nearly 1,200 interested people had visited Sziget-kék as early as Saturday afternoon.


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