A Philadelphia pizza delivery guy was in the right place at the right time, catching a car thief on the run from the police

A pizza delivery guy in Philadelphia was about to deliver a pizza when he noticed a young man running towards him with the police in pursuit. NBC reports.

Police chased a stolen car into an outer suburb of Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon. The car chase ended with the chasing car crashing into a utility pole and the apparently healthy driver getting out and trying to escape from the police.

This is where fate brought him together with a pizza delivery boy, Tyler, who had just gotten out of his car to deliver pizzas to the family home. After seconds of hesitation, the courier decided to intervene and lifted his leg with noble simplicity, causing the fleeing suspect to stumble and fall to the ground, where the police managed to apprehend him.

It was later revealed that the getaway driver was only 17 years old. The police thanked the courier for his help, but drew attention to the fact that it was not very smart to meddle with police work, and especially not a very safe undertaking to catch a fleeing suspect.

And the answer to the question everyone cares about: No, the pizza wasn’t damaged.

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