A peace plan is drawn up: Can the two sides win?  In the meantime, the issue of Ukrainian language law may be resolved

A peace plan is drawn up: Can the two sides win? In the meantime, the issue of Ukrainian language law may be resolved

Ukraine and Russia have made significant progress on a possible peace plan, which would include a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian forces if Kyiv’s leadership declares it wants to make Ukraine a neutral country with a limited army. financial times Citing five informants close to the negotiations. According to two sources, the entire draft was first discussed on Monday 14 March.

Part of the 15-point deal is for Ukrainians to give up their ambition to join NATO, which is currently enshrined in the constitution, and pledge not to allow foreign military bases to be established on their soil, and not to buy weapons in return. to obtain defensive promises from the United States; From the UK, Turkey or any other country. At the same time, ensuring Ukraine’s security in the West and Moscow’s relationship with such a possibility remains an open question.

Although both sides reported progress in the talks, Ukrainian officials worry that Russian head of state Vladimir Putin just wants to buy time for the Russian military to prepare for the resumption of the invasion. However, according to a Russian source, there is an opportunity for both sides to declare their victory, which could lay the foundation for peace. Putin can say that he prevented Ukraine from joining NATO and that foreign missile bases were established on its territory. (In this regard, Ukrainians point out that their laws still prohibit the creation of such.) Ukraine could retain its sovereign state.

language law

Two sources in the British business newspaper said that part of the agreement would be to ensure the protection of the Russian language in Ukraine, which would mean scrapping the notorious language law, which also restricts the use of the Hungarian language in the country. One reason for the Russian leadership’s invasion was to protect Russian-speaking people who Moscow says are discriminated against, “threatened with genocide” by “neo-Nazis”.

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The biggest unresolved issue is Russia’s demand for Ukraine to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, as well as the independence of the two breakaway regions of Donbass in southeastern Ukraine. Kyiv has refused this so far, but is ready to discuss the two issues separately.


Three informants close to the case also revealed that the most important mediator is Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, in the talks. It began with an unexpected visit to Moscow on March 5th. Then he held talks with senior leaders of the two countries, the last of which was in the week that begins on March 14, that is, days later.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also spoke by phone with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. This is part of an effort in which he and his senior staff are seeking to broker ongoing negotiations for a peace agreement.

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