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A number of changes are needed on the Qatari track due to Formula 1

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Qatar’s Losail International Circuit is preparing for its first Formula 1 race. The racetrack in Doha has a Level 1 license, so it’s the highest-rated asphalt strip. But so far, MotoGP races have run typically, so a number of changes will be needed in Formula 1.

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The The first Qatari Grand Prix Instead of Australia, it was added to the calendar in November. Until then, however, there is still a lot of work to be done for the FIA, around race director Michael Massey he spoke.

“The entrance to the pit lane is changing, and the work is almost complete. For the engines, the previous entrance was fine, but it doesn’t work for us anymore. Before the weekend in Austin, I will visit Qatar again to see if everything is OK.” Australian started.

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“This track was built primarily for motor racing, so we had to put double-wheel fenders in some places. At the tops of the bends, so-called “sandwiches” were laid to prevent cuts. We also upgraded the fence. There were already Tecpro walls on the track, but we also put extra tires all around. However, there was only a big change on the track itself compared to the boxing entrance.” he added.

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